The architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres launches a modular product architecture, based on the principles of industrialized construction.


The concept of industrialization of construction encompasses very different typologies, whose common denominator is based on the rupture with the traditional construction.


The purpose is to get the benefits of an assembly line production: improved finishes, quality, delivery, price, etc.. Is the specialization of each phase of the construction process, incorporating technological advances and eliminating downtime and problems arising from it. Standardization, modularity, technology, quality control and time, skilled labor, etc..


It could be compared historically with the improvements that Henry Ford introduced in the automotive industry.


This way of house production is similar to the advantages of mass production of any product, allowing not only a significant reduction in execution time, but also a clear reduction in costs, a spectacular increase in job security and an important improvement in aspects of environmental impact, also favoring the development of a strong industrial base through the factory.


One of the most novel aspects of this system of construction is that does not compromise the final result in terms of usability criteria, livability, quality, or with respect to the type of materials used.


Modular construction system is based on the sequence of regular prisms and interconnection, which by their combination allow almost infinite shapes and uses, reaching almost all the users needs.


The advantages of the same, with workshop production and assembly work, shorter and more specialized labor, increase results in terms of quality and the final product price not comparable to traditional construction, demanding in the same time greater control of the early designs stages, because everything must be designed and controlled in advance, with no place for improvisation.


In this bet on industrialized construction, initially develop two types of housing from 85 m2 since € 94,000, to 107 m2 since € 118,000; although there are now more than 12 models of standardized housing. With the same construction system can be made custom models. With a 15 weeks of period construction. Both are fully equipped and finished including bathrooms, kitchen, heating and lighting. It also offers the possibility of hiring interior design, landscaping, closing plot, swimming pool etc.


As indicated by Joaquin Torres himself, that system is not exclusive residential construction, but that the same system could be applied later to other building types such as schools, offices, student or elderly residences.


With this challenge A-cero wants to popularize the design and constructive quality in architecture, searching a design architecture not relegated to a cultural and economic elite.







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